Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder

Okay, I am shy about blush.  With my fair skin, it just seems like it was so obvious and artificial on me.  So I had been opting for a one-tone finish on my face.  That was until Celia at the Bobbi Brown counter got a hold of me.  When I saw the compact, I thought “wow, that looks pink, but I really like the name ‘Antigua’”. So I let her have her way with my cheeks.  This came out as illuminating, duh, but authentic.  It was sheer but gave emphasis on my cheekbones.  It was easy to use and after I learned that I didn’t need loads of the product on my brush, I have become proficient.  I love it so much, it goes with me everywhere now.

Available colors: Antigua (light pink – below), Maui (pink coral), Bali Brown (gold), Aruba (light gold), Bahama (deep gold), Barbados (warm deep gold).

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