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Guerlain Le Rouge G Lipstick in No 25 Garconne

 Guerlain Le Rouge G Lipstick in No 25 Garconne on Belle Belle Beauty

Wow, talk about a blog break. I don’t think in the four years of Belle Belle Beauty I have taken almost a full week off. Apologies for the absence. I wish I could point to one reason. I think a lot of it stemmed from a need to step away and reevaluate the direction of the blog (don’t worry – I basically decided I am going to continue on the same track). A lot of the break was forced by a nasty case of strep throat. It is amazing how an infection like that can really knock me out now that I am only weeks away from my 35th birthday. Lastly, I have had some developments on a  personal front. While I won’t go into any details, I can say: “why is dating so darn hard!?”. That being said, I am truly happy and it is nice, no matter the outcome, to find yourself caring so unconditionally for someone.

So, meanwhile, my beauty routine has been pretty simple. I have thrown my hair in plenty of dirty and messy topknots. Skipping eye makeup all together just seemed easier with the sore throat. But when I needed to add a little perky spice to my look (on my handful of trips to CVS), I reached for my Guerlain Le Rouge G Lipstick in No 25 Garconne.

This classic, slightly cool red brightens my complexion and comes housed in a unique case designed by Lorenz Baumer, a Parsian jeweler working from the Place Vendome. With one click, the tube exits a silver bullet and enclosed mirror pops open – très chic! The matte finish is thanks to a ruby-powder formula that leaves a hydrating glaze.

Engraved Guerlain Le Rouge G Lipstick in No 25 Garconne on Belle Belle Beauty

And yes, that is my name engraved on the side of my very own personal Guerlain Le Rouge G Lipstick in No 25 Garconne. And let me tell you…. these beauty blogging perks sure to cheer you up when you are in a funk.

Don’t fret – I’ll be back. Probably later today and all this week. And look forward to a TV segment on Friday featuring my favorite makeup to “Summer-ize” your look.

Samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program, but as always, opinions are my own.

Inspired by Pastel Makeup for Spring

Inspired by Pastel Makeup for Spring // Belle Belle Beauty

Spring has me craving pastels. I love the look of a light feminine face as we welcome the warmer weather. It is also a great time to experiment with lighter versions of bold shades like mint green eyeshadow – surprisingly beautiful! Here are my picks for some of the Easter egg inspired shades:

Laura Mercier Crème Cheek Color in Oleander is the softest sweetest pink and this cream formula applies like a breeze.

Guerlain ‘Maxi Shine – Gloss d’Enfer’ Lip Gloss has insane shine, giving this pretty pink an even bigger impact.

For those who want to try out a higher impact, pastel eye, try Dior ‘5 Couleurs – Haute Couture’ Eyeshadow Palette. And this formula makes these powders creamy and beautifully blendable.

Deborah Lippmann Rockin’ Robbin Glitter Nail Polish features the glitter Lippmann is so good at but this time with Staccato effect, using black glitter against a pastel backdrop for a unique look!

Lancôme ‘Aquatic Essence’ Eye Palette has copper and brown mixed in with blue pastels to make the shades so wearable!

I like to prep my skin using Simple Skincare Hydrating Light Moisturizer. I haven’t found any other moisturizers that manage to balance nourishing properties while being ultra-lightweight. And bonus that the formula is chock full of vitamins to help improve the appearance of my skin over the long term.

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Influencer in the Simple® Skincare Program.  Visit www.facebook.com/SimpleSkincare to share your story on sensitive skin.

Best Bronzers

Despite my incessant application of SPF this summer, I still have a little color on my face. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need the help of a little bronzer. I am committed to the belief that we can have that golden summer glow without baking unprotected for hours on end in the sun. These three have been champs getting me sun-kissed.

  • Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder is the gold standard. You are sure to find a perfect match with eight available shades. Go ahead and invest in a timeless classic.
  • M·A·C Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze is just what I’ve been looking for. The finish allows you to contour (shimmer isn’t well suited for this). And the color is perfectly balanced on me.
  • Benefit Dallas Face Powder has a rosy undertone. It looks so natural because it has that tiniest bit of flush, making it look like you’ve just stepped from an afternoon outdoors. Plus, this shade is nice and subtle for those who prefer a lighter hand.

Spring Trends for Daughter-in-Law Diaries

I am so excited to be guest posting over on Daughter-in-Law Diaries today! Creator, Ali Katz, launched her site as a forum and resource for ladies who are adjusting to their new roles as daughter-in-laws. What a cool idea! She is receiving some phenomenal press – Ali is definitely going places. Head over and check out the new site – I am not even married, and love it 🙂 And here is a sneak peek of the post. Congrats, Ali!

How to incorporate my favorite spring trends into your beauty routine:

Bold Brows


via BellaSugar

This Spring, we will see loads of bold prints and colors appear in our closet. To compliment the adventurous look, brows will be stronger and fuller. A prominent brow actually better frames the face. On it’s own, a filled-in, groomed brow can finish the face just as much as a swipe of lipgloss.

To get the look, fill in your brows with Le Metier de Beaute Brow Bound Eyebrow Pencil. It is dual ended with a brush at one end. Use this to comb out the brow hairs first. Then use it after to blend the gel-like formula. Then, to hold the brows in place, comb through Anastasia Brow Gel in Clear.

Bronzed Glow

via tumblr.com

The runway celebrated golden skin that looks just sun-kissed. Instead of risking sun damage, wrinkles and skin cancer, use one of the new bronzing palettes. Use a large brush to lightly dust below the cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, along the hairline and on your neck. Try Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Season to Season Bronzer or Guerlain ‘Terracotta – Four Seasons’ Bronzer. Then add a little Benefit Sunbeam on your cheekbones and brow bone.

Bright Nails

via Belle Belle Beauty

Work those neons and pastels into your nail wardrobe as well. Bring out your inner child and try blues, greens, fuschia and nail art. I love Essie polishes because they are high quality, but at a low commitment cost. And they always have a range of on-trend colors. Their new Resort collection features the bold “Sure Shot” and perfect, purple pastel “She’s Picture Perfect”.



Guerlain Vol de Nuit Perfumed Shimmer Powder for Face & Body

My grandmother wore Shalimar and adorned her vanity with Guerlain Meteorites.  So, Guerlain fragrances will always embody glamour for me, particularly the lost elegance of generations past.  The recent renaissance of the line retained this beauty, while adding modern elements like ingenious packaging and softer versions of their fragrances.   Their refreshed cosmetic line has standouts like Guerlain ‘Terracotta – Terra Inca’ Khôl Kajal and Guerlain Gigolo (70) Rouge G Lipstick.

But when I spotted the Vol de Nuit Perfumed Shimmer Powder, I knew it was every bit of that old-school, Guerlain beauty.  The Vol de Nuit fragrance was inspired by woman in aviation in the 1920’s and 1930’s and is comprised of woody, vanilla and powdery iris notes.  The powder holds only a hint of the fragrance, but you still can detect clean green and powder scents.  I think this is a good thing, as it will not likely interfere with your usual fragrance, but just add another element.  Suggested use is for the face and body, but I really like it in my hair.  Also works great on my decolletage.  On my skin tone, it is completely sheer with blue/silver, iridescent shimmer.

The bottle is a treat in itself.  The lacquered glass is reminiscent of the original bottle for Vol de Nuit – a true innovation as the first combining glass and metal.  The design evokes the image of a propeller as another nod to the aviators who inspired the fragrance.   I am sure to drag this around on all of my holiday travel, but I will enjoy it equally as much with it front and center on my vanity.


Guerlain Gigolo (70) Rouge G Lipstick

You get what you pay for, and in this case it is a jewel lipstick compact with a white-gold shimmer designed by Lorenz Bäumer, a Parisian jeweler.  Channeling James Bond, a mirror pops up when the compact is opened. The case is very heavy, yet with some serious glam.

My lips have been exceptionally dry this summer, so, besides this stunner packaging, I was impressed with its skin care capabilities.  Somehow, they are able to package very long term wear while still being highly moisturizing. And according to my nose, this is essentially scent-free.

Gigolo (70) is a cooler tone that works MUCH better on me than shades containing orange. Plus, your teeth appear whiter.  While it is sold as a plum, it actually appears berry-red on me.

This is a pretty penny at $47, but, like I said, the packaging is extraordinary, lip color has great staying power and it is a lip treatment to boot.