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National Bubble Bath Day


Man, this week was long. But I was happy to peace out a little early today and enjoy an afternoon with the pups getting ready for some snow tonight. And I happen to have perfect timing because today is National Bubble Bath Day. Sadly, my apartment doesn’t have a bathtub, but frankly I prefer showers. And they are always accompanied by Neutrogena Rainbath. This week must be the week of “favorites” because Neutrogena also is hands down my favorite Shower Gel. Classic and just so good.

The scent is unique – very clean but somewhat woodsy. It manages to finish so fresh and is perfect for an AM wake up. The lather is substantial but doesn’t try out my skin. And somehow, my skin always manages to look hydrated and refreshed.

The Latest: Favorite Natural Beauty Products

Favorite Natural Beauty Products on Belle Belle Beauty

I know I’ve written a lot about natural products on here before. I think it is fairly common that beauty buffs like us are trying to work more friendly ingredients into both our diet and routine more frequently these days. So I wanted to share two of my new favorite items that are both effective and natural.

JĀSÖN Foaming Shower Oils: A sort of tropical shower gel that really nourishes dry, winter skin. The foaming is subtle but it manages to leave no greasy residue. There are three scents: Smoothing Coconut hydrates and revitalizes dry skin, Nourishing Shea Butter calms irritated and problematic skin while Renewing Olive helps to maintain skin’s elasticity and promote radiance.

Alba Botanica Fast Fix Collection: I have been relying on the blemish buster for the past couple weeks since my skin seems to be acting up. Amazingly the Fast Fix has kept the clogged pore relatively painless with a quick healing. The puffy eye remedy has come in handy after some late holiday celebrations. And the tube are pocket-sized so perfect for on the go. Range includes:
· Fast Fix for a Pimple
· Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes
· Fast Fix for Undereye Circles
· Fast Fix for Thin Lips

And one quick Cyber Monday note: I left this out on Friday and would be remiss to not mention this awesome deal on one of my favorite natural beauty brands. Now through 12/8, take 15% off any Tata Harper purchase with code FF2015.

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LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant

LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant on Belle Belle Beauty

I am not one of those fanatical natural beauty fans. But lately I’ve noticed I am drawn to natural products. I just never thought deodorant would be one of them. I hate being stinky and frankly always thought natural deodorant wouldn’t work well. Now I am singing a different tune thanks to LAVANILA.

LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant is 100% natural and super soothing to the sensitive under-arm area. Magically, this aluminum-free deodorant is really effective. It isn’t an antiperspirant but it does keep odor at bay. I am using the vanilla coconut scent which is subtle but slightly spicy/tropical.

The formula is free of mineral oil, silicone, dyes and synthetic fragrance. But it does contain Beta-Glucan Technology which works against bacteria and as an antioxidant. Goji Berry, Japanese Honeysuckle and Lemon and Tea Tree oils work to fight odor and manage to nourish the skin at the same time.  Available at Sephora and Amazon.

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual on Belle Belle Beauty

I decided to take today off from work to be with my two puppies (sidenote: they are almost six years old but will always be my puppies). They had their annual teeth cleaning yesterday – which I know might sound ridiculous to some of you. But my rescues genetically ended up with terrible teeth and gums so we have to go in every year to pull teeth and clean things up. Anyway, the anesthesia makes them super snoozy and they have to be on pain killers. So, yes… I am that crazy dog momma that stayed home with her fur kids today.

I used the day off to extend my “clean-out by using up old products” I mentioned yesterday. Today’s project was in the kitchen. I used some odds and ends to pull together a darn good dinner. And threw out items that were … um … past their prime.

Anyway, the day off also provided me with the chance to try out some new beauty products. I have sadly recognized my summer glow fading so I first reached for some self-tanner. Vita Liberata has always been a favorite brand so I was excited to try out some of their newer products. The Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual was just what the doctor ordered – gentle, subtle, great smelling and nourishing.

The formula is relatively thin and applies clear – something I prefer for nighttime application. My dry skin soaks up the hydration provided by aloe vera and Hyaluronic Acid. Grape Seed Extract also improves the appearance of skin. The glow can be deepened with repeated use. So far, I haven’t found that sometimes “dirty” look that can sometimes have repeated self-tanner application. But I do suggest a light exfoliation before use. The lack of that annoying self-tanner scent is thanks to Vita Liberata’s Odour Remove™ – I truly cannot detect a fragrance or odor at all. Granted, I am not super sensitive to it, but this is one of the least offensive self-tanners I have tried.

Does not contain triclosan, GMOs, fragrance, or alcohol. Available at Sephora.


Stephanie Johnson Fall

Stephanie Johnson on Belle Belle Beauty

It is rare that I can say I favor only one brand, but when it comes to makeup bags, Stephanie Johnson is it for me. They are fashionable, durable and so functional! And there is no better time than today to stock up. Due to a move and resulting space constraints, they are unloading some inventory at 50% off! Today through Friday, October 2nd, use code ‘sixteen’ at

Some of my favorites on the current rotation:

The Tracy Carry-All is perfect if you are hauling a larger amount of cosmetics. I also love it to transport my lunch to and from work. The durable fabric is ideal in the case of spills and the Galapagos Grey makes for a chic and sophisticated look.

The Laura Large Trapiziod is the perfect size for my daily make up. It is also large enough to fit my brushes. Tinseltown Black is my new favorite Stephanie Johnson fabric – fun but still understated.

Next on my shopping list are new goodies from the Zodiac Collection! Such a great gift idea too!



HUM Nutrition Runway Ready Supplements

HUM Nutrition Runway Ready Supplements on Belle Belle Beauty

Between some travel and summer fun (plus pure laziness), I had fallen down on my vitamin routine. And my hair and nails were showing the damage. My locks were not quite as lustrous. And my nails, frankly, were weaker than their usual strong selves.

So I incorporated HUM Nutrition’s Runway Ready formula along with a pre-natal multi. While there are no children in my near (or far) future, the pre-natal formula I’ve found gives me more energy. And the boost of Red Carpet + Killer Nails (both included in Runway Ready) amps up my hair and nail game.

Red Carpet contains GLA, ALA and Vitamin E from bio-available nutrients like black currant and sunflower seeds. The fats help add fullness and shine to hair. Along with adding a glow to skin, moisture is retained. Killer Nails contains biotin which is a water-soluble B-vitimin that boosts cell growth. Bonus points for the travel-friend packets – no excuses on the vitamin routine next time I hit the road.

Up next, I can’t wait to try out the Daily Cleanse with Organic Algae and Cleansing Minerals – perfect for the clean-living, cooking-at-home kick I am on.

The products are gluten-free, vegan and sustainably sourced. Available at Sephora.


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