TIZO 3 Tinted Face Mineral SPF40 Sunscreen

As a beauty junkie, I’ve been pretty surprised to finding myself skipping foundation completely these days. My rosacea has cleared up thanks to a new Rx. And I’ve found that my skin does better when it gets a break from makeup. Instead of foundation, I have been using tinted SPF. Turning 40 sure does make me what to up my sunscreen game.

Both my mom and I love TIZO 3 Tinted Face Mineral SPF40 Sunscreen. I hadn’t purchased it in several years, but I am sure glad it is back on my regular rotation. I apply after a vitamin C serum every morning. Then skip foundation, add a little Glossier concealer under the eyes and mascara. Boom – done. My skin looks better with a more natural, paired down approach. Plus, my morning routine is significantly more efficient. Win-win.

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