Tata Harper Skincare Rejuvenating Serum

Tata Harper Skincare Rejuvenating Serum on Belle Belle Beauty

One reason I appreciate organic skin care is simplicity. Sometimes boiling down ingredients to their simplest and most natural makes them work in an elegant way. Out of the many organic and natural skin care brands I have tried, Tata Harper remains my favorite. The products can be a little pricey. But I really believe you get what you pay for. The packaging is exquisite, the efficacy is unmatched and the formulas are thoughtful. My newest favorite product from the lineup is the Tata Harper Skincare Rejuvenating Serum.

This concentrated product is designed to smooth and hydrate skin. It is an easy step to add two pumps into both my AM and PM routine. I’ve had zero irritation with the addition of this product and it even plays nicely with my retinol product. The Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants, and vitamins have lent to a healthy glow. The consistency is slightly on the creamier side, which makes me feel like it is more nourishing than other serums. Follow with moisturizer and then a spray of Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence (another new favorite from the line).

Available at Nordstrom and Tata Harper.

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