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The blogging schedule over here has been a little sparse this summer. I am going to accept it as a result of the season and some circumstances. I have been traveling a ton. Some for work and some for fun. But sadly, this week I flew home for the funeral of a dear friend. I certainly know I don’t need explain my recent absence, I thought the pause was appropriate and also due to a bit of shock on my part. Going forward into the fall, I am working on getting back to a regular posting schedule. In the meantime, I will pop in as I can through the month of August. The good news is I have a  couple of gems to share with you today:

Today marks the 16th straight day I have worked out and I am seeing results like crazy. I have been doing Betty Rocker’s 30-day challenge and I highly recommend it.

There is no shortage of LaCroix fans amongst my friends (and yes, it is pronounced “la croy”).

Summer multi-taskers.

Don’t miss Shopbop‘s End of Season Sale.

Solid summer hair essentials, especially for those with thick and wavy hair.

Inspired by this nighttime skin care routine.

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