Sakara x Tata Harper Eat Pretty Week

Sakara x Tata Harper Eat Pretty Week on Belle Belle Beauty

Back in March, I got hooked on Sakara, a popular meal delivery service out of New York that happened to whip my diet in shape. I love the ultra-healthy meals and included Beauty Elixir, a drink designed for a healthy glow and gorgeous skin. I haven’t ordered a week of meals in a while, but tempted to pick up August 29th’s menu. One of my favorite skin care gurus, Tata Harper, had selected the meals that are specifically beautifying. And as a bonus, the package includes skin care product samples to use throughout the week.

Samples of the following products are included in this week’s Sakara meals: Hydrating Floral Essence, Repairative Moisturizer, Regenerating Cleanser, Rejuvenating Serum.

And here is a peek at the menu:

  • Botanical Bar: Strawberry-juniper filling with antioxidants and skin-rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory botanical herbs. Rolled oats with prebiotic fiber to nourish the microbiome (one of my favorites)
  • Earth Bowl: Hydrating heirloom greens with anti-inflammatory ginger-mustard-sesame dressing. Avocado for healthy fats to nourish the cell membrane and balance hormones to control breakouts. Quinoa and lentils for cleansing fiber
  • Toasted Coconut Granola w/ Green Goddess Mylk: Coconut for healthy fats and healing, antimicrobial lauric acid. Almond mylk with spirulina to lower inflammation and nourish skin with healthy fats and B vitamins
  • Summer Sun Salad: Zucchini noodles for healthy fats. Citrus for collagen-supporting, brightening Vit C. Dried cherries for anthocyanins (antioxidants)
  • Balancing Macro Plate: Broccoli, kale and cabbage (i.e. cruciferous vegetables) for sulfur, required for keratin and collagen production. Mineral-rich seaweed. Carrots for beta-carotene. Brown rice for cleansing fiber. Avocado dressing for healthy fats
  • Beauty Elixir: Hibiscus tea, camu camu, schizandra berry, MSM

Make sure to swing over to Sakara to check it out!

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