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Wet Hair Care on Belle Belle Beauty

Wednesdays are usually reserved for a little life check in and some links around here. But given my birthday celebrations and little blog break last week, I wanted to keep up with sharing some of my favorite products. If you’re like me, I love letting my hair air dry in the summer, so these wet hair care tips are on the forefront of my mind.

First up, skip your regular brush while hair is wet. Pick up a specialty brush like Conair Hook Up Detangling Brush. The soft, flexible bristles help distribute conditioner and knock out tangles. The hook-shaped handle makes it easy for shower storage. And I actually love the way it massages my scalp.

Another wet hair tool that has been in my bathroom for years is the hair towel. I am currently loving the AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Towel. For any hair type, this towel helps dry hair while maintaining strong, unbroken strands. I love throwing up my hair and doing the rest of my PM bed prep. And I get enough moisture out of my hair so that I am not sopping wet when I hit the sheets.

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