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Relaxed on Belle Belle Beauty

Filling my evenings lately with being a political junkie and man, this week was a doozy. One of my favorite things to do is to curl up with the pups, turn on the news and plink around on the web. I need to step up my game though. Belle Belle’s editorial calendar is packed! I might go back to four posts per week just to share all the new goodness in makeup and products. But my favorite post of the week is always sharing favorites from around the web:

I’ve been sleeping so well ever since I purchased this chic humidifier. I use lavender oil in it and it makes my cozy bedroom even more comfy.

Shopbop is having a surprise sale! Perfect timing to stock up on summer goodies. I adore this striped tee.

I just purchased this new goodie from RMS – review to come soon – love it so far!

Personality type as it relates to your career – scary accurate in my case.

This penmanship roundup is mesmerizing to gaze at!

image here

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