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After a long stretch with no subscription, I bit the bullet and ordered print delivery of my favorite paper to my office this week. Hitha’s post about keeping up with the news was part of the inspiration – such wonderful tips. While digital is great, there is nothing like those soft, grey pages to make a morning. In lighter reading, I found some other gems from around the web this week:

Thanks to Victoria, I discovered the practice of dorveilleor segmented sleep – something I’ve unintentionally practiced but always thought was “wrong”. Turns out that segmented sleep used to be quite common. Note that it also “fits snugly within the Christian Liturgy of the Hours“. I won’t make it a routine, but next time, I won’t feel so bad about those magical pre-dawn hours spent reading. And the unexpected wakefulness that happens the next day.

Speaking of sleep, I read recently that Americans are seriously sleep deprived and I believe it. One thing I’ve been working on is prioritizing sleep – segmented or not. I am almost more vigilant about my FitBit sleep goals than steps. Turns out I might be onto something. This article makes the case that sleep is crucial to being successful in business.

A veteran beauty blogger shares her ten most favorite products discovered in her ten years of blogging. I had to pick up one of her recommendation, Paula’s Choice ‘Skin Perfecting’ 2% BHA Liquid.

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