Clarins ‘Joli Rouge’ Lipstick

Clarins 'Joli Rouge' Lipstick

More along the lines of a “to me, from me” kind of Valentine’s Day gift, I have been testing out this new Lipstick from Clarins. I don’t know too much about this brand, but I know they’ve had some product launches lately met with wide applause.

Clarins ‘Joli Rouge’ Lipstick isn’t quite as aligned with their “glow-y” products of late, but it is nourishing and perfect for winter weather. The formula is loaded with pure plant extracts and mango oil. I can swipe on and get an instant cure of dry lips.

The finish has a sheen with more of a wash of color. If applied alone, I get long wear (maybe three hours), but I’ve been layering over balm thanks to my nasty cold/sinus infection. While I never would have picked up Spicy Cinnamon myself, I was glad the good folks from Clarins sent this shade over. The rosy brown actually wakes up my winter complexion especially with this cold-related pallor.

Available at Nordstrom.

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