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I just completed one of the most exhausting and draining weeks of my professional life. And it was great. Fun, educational and adventurous. But the exhaustion showed and my under eyes were a mess. Thank goodness I had skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels on hand.

I had a dry and wrinkled mess AND puffiness on top of that… lovely. But these cooling gel patches nourished the skin and brightened and firmed. The skin was soothed and rejuvenated. Elastin restores tone, ginkgo biloba leaf improves blood flow, and Coenzyme Q10 combats premature aging with free radicals.

I’m not alone either:

Like a caffeine jolt to the face, they top my list as a must-have beauty necessity… achieving the effect of an instant eye lift in minutes! Perfectly sized for on-the-go! 

I keep mine on for the recommended ten minutes. They are easy to wear and remarkably effective. At $30 for eight pair, they aren’t a bad deal either! Cruelty-free and vegan. Available at Ulta and Amazon.

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