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Just a friendly reminder to consider working a retinol into your skin care routine. It is usually October when I start up using my again. It can make skin more sensitive to sun, but it does a wonder for texture and appearance in my experience. Hence the annual autumn restart. Dr. Dennis Gross says it best:

“Retinoids do not thin the skin over time… otherwise they would have no purpose. They do, however, increase cell turnover, promoting even texture, firming skin and minimizing wrinkles. In fact, a good retinoid will actually thicken the skin by promoting active collagen production. Just be sure to use it at night, as retinol can increase sensitivity to light and sun.”

Read more tidbits and advice about the vitamin A treatment here. Best bet is to find a great doctor and use one with the proper strength for you while maybe limiting use to a couple times a week. And some other finds from around the web:

Don’t forget to hit up the awesome Shopbop sale (and see some of my picks here). And a new find from today – this Plaid Shirtdress.

Noting this list of 50 Netflix movies for colder winter days.

Love this fall take on a summer, white sundress.

These Mac hacks make me love my new Air even more.

This is my new favorite dry shampoo.

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