By Terry Eyebrow Mascara Tint Brush Fix-Up Gel

 By Terry Eyebrow Mascara Tint Brush Fix-Up Gel on Belle Belle Beauty

Brows are having a moment. And a complement on brows has become something special – a true endorsement of how to rock a full eyebrows. Mine have always been on the fuller side, but a little sparse thanks to a buggy thyroid. So when pencils became en vogue, I happily starting filling. But I didn’t care for the dual process of needing a clear gel after to tame and groom.

I’ve tried the MAC tinted brow gel before and liked it… but just liked it. Thanks to my friend’s generous complement the other day – and just a general satisfaction of using just one step – I am happy to report that I love the By Terry Eyebrow Mascara Tint Brush Fix-Up Gel.

The Gel is housed in a sort of tiny, mini mascara tube with an ultra-thin brustled wand. Each coat not only fills in gaps without getting too messy. But it also deposits ingredients to nourish and promote growth. Something I appreciate thanks for the “little sparse” status quo.

I’ve been wearing Medium Ash but likely will pick up the Dark Brown next time. For those with fairer brows, Highlight Blond is also an option. Available at NET-A-PORTER.

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  1. I’m a fan of black, waterproof mascara. You never know when ou might start crying,even for joy!!

    Published 10.25.15