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oops – in my effort to get organized, this published early. Hello, Tuesday! This week might be a little light on the posting as I am headed to the big apple for a friend’s wedding in a couple days. But for the meantime, enjoy a little blog update:

You might have noticed a couple changes over here at Belle Belle. They are subtle but reflect a direction I’d like to take with the blog. One thing that might stand out is the removal of ads. They started to make me feel like this place was a cluttered corner of the internet. And I decided that (for me) they were an ineffective way to generate revenue to help support the site. I still continue to use affiliate links (where I get a small commission if you purchase an item after clicking on product link on my site) to pay for things like hosting, design and domain fees. But that also might go by the wayside. I haven’t quite decided yet.

With this fresh beginning, I hope to create better content to keep my loyal readers on this (cleaned-up) corner. I am always open to feedback – or questions about blogging in general. In honor of a fresh start, I am working on a fresh faced look above. Keep an eye out for a tutorial in the next couple of days. And some finds from around the web this week:

My dream trip.

As an individual, I don’t identify with either Gen X or Millennial. This article perfectly explains the magical micro-generation born late 70s and very early 80s. If you’d like an entertainment reference to the “Catalano” generation, check this out.

Love all of Louise Roe’s beauty picks!

Jokes for nerds – needless to say, they all made me chuckle.

I am more of a dog person, but these stories of cats saving their owners’ lives is pretty awesome.

I love charts and history… no surprise I am obsessed with this.

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