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Hope you guys enjoyed yesterday’s post about my skin care routine. I try to throw those in there every once in a while so you know exactly how I use products together. I can’t say it always has perfect results but usually my skin is fairly happy. However, last week I had a really deep pimple on my chin. I hustled over to my derm and he was able to treat me. He had some interesting thoughts to share – those deep spots of acne are generally more about hormones and stress and less about topical treatments in his opinion. So I am working on yoga more days a week and watching the foods I put into my body. And I encourage all of you to reach out to your derm if you find yourself in the same situation – and always for a yearly mole check!

Some finds from around the web this week:

I wish I could eat like this every day – and I continue to try and do so.

I’m so in the groove of FOGO.

This is about the sweetest thing you ever did see. If you love dogs, you’ll agree.

My new favorite Instagram account.


I broke down and rejoined Shapchat. You can follow me at bellebellebeau. Still figuring it all out, but I need to give it the ole college try!

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