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Weekend in Bed on Belle Belle Beauty

Apologies if anyone was looking here for Valentine’s Day round ups, but I will be skipping those this year. Instead, I am all about this trendy “self care” movement. So over the next couple of days and long weekend, I will be sharing my favorite makeup, skin care and body care products. Think: “a Valentine to Myself”. And if that gives you a hint about what I am up to over the holiday weekend – it would involve puppy time, spa nights at home and enjoying some time in le bed!

Some finds from the web this week:

I am a chronic night owl – here is what I am following to wake up earlier.

My dad (and my whole family) loves maps so this was just elevated to the top of the gift list.

Strong thoughts on makeup wipes (and it has me changing my tune…)

A little web design nostalgia – how sites like Google looked on days they launched.

image here

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