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I am fairly sure nothing could drag me away from my happy life here in Oklahoma. But if there is one thing I occasionally miss, it is the pleasures of a big city. The latest and greatest, trendy food and fashion inspiration come to mind. So when iconic beauty blogger, Emily Weiss, launched a beauty line up in New York City, I immediately hit purchase and a set of her complexion essentials arrived at my doorstep. A little Manhattan in Tulsa.

While Glossier does offer a la carte, I think their Phase One Set is the best value and really what you need to experience the fun and sophisticated brand. And once you do, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and natural look. Phase One comes with a mist, moisturizer, balm and tint, all for $80 which I think is a remarkable price for four luxe products.

The packaging was solid. Not porcelain or anything (but after breaking my Tata Harper mask in the shower, I’ve come to appreciate plastic). I loved the box it arrived in – so much so that I saved it for a month until I realized I was crazy. I did hold onto the adorable bubble zip bags – those are cherished for travel.

Because I ordered right after Thanksgiving, I received a free tote and extra mist. I use both at work – the tote for my lunch and the mist to refresh my makeup. Beware: keep away from the eye area (even with eyes closed) – it can be irritating. That being said, the rosewater spray is a welcome addition to the moisture factor and I use it to prep skin before the moisturizer.

Rather than stand alone hydration, I think the priming moisturizer plays better as a primer for my dry skin this time of year. In the summer, I expect it to be perfect just on its own but for now I need an extra facial oil or cream. The oil-free formula might be perfect for those with oiler or combo skin. The gel texture absorbs quickly and makes the perfect canvas for makeup.

The BalmDotCom is probably the line’s most iconic product. The beeswax based formula is soothing, healing and locks in moisture like a champ. It is my little winter MVP. I have used it on cuticles, elbows, dry spots and lips. And I actually appreciate that it is basically scent-free – perfect for sleep, work or layered. The thick texture takes a while to come out of the tube’s dispenser, but that keeps me from wasting this precious goodness – as my ex would say, haste makes waste.

The final products is Perfecting Skin Tint which, unlike the moisturizer, packs a punch of delicious hydration thanks to glycerin. And ever since the arrival of these serum-like foundations, I adore the way they add slight coverage, improve skin but still look so natural. Make sure to shake. And I need extra concealer for blemishes and under-eye but overall this might be my favorite out of the bunch. I think it will also be ideal in the summer when I am doing the “undone” look more often than not. I ordered a medium and it is perfect. If you need help, there is a graphic to help you decide on the site. Available in Light, Medium and Dark. Keep in mind that coverage is very sheer so you don’t need to fear a huge mismatch unless you are on the edges of the complexion spectrum.

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