Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel

Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel on Belle Belle Beauty

Basically when I am over here on Belle Belle, it is my job to get excited about beauty. And I generally am a little bonkers over everything makeup and skin care. But something happened earlier this week and I jumped for joy so high, I hit the roof.

The Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel was part of my weekly spa routine and I can’t believe I had waited to rotate this blue angel into the lineup until now. Wow – how do I explain? Let’s see here – use your words, Belle Belle.

This peel is like a cleanser hybrid that balances all that good exfoliation with an electric refinement. The blue gel is opalescent, making it decidedly luxurious. The feel is soothing and just a touch cooling. The Lactobionic and lactic acids work very gently with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). And probably one of my favorite ingredients, copper, works to control shine and turnover skin cells. I also love that copper controls redness.

Instead of leaving on like a traditional mask, this is applied and worked into skin with a massage over 2-3 minutes. Side note: massage works wonders for your skin and complexion, encouraging blood flow and release of fluid buildup. While I couldn’t detect any irritation, I did give eyes and lips a wide birth.

My skin was left clean, bright and nourished. This treatment was just too perfect for my skin type, enabling results without being too clinical. Just make sure to use a great SPF – these ingredients can make you sensitive to the sun.

To learn more about Omorovicza, check this out.

Samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program. I consult for Neiman Marcus which is affiliated with the Neiman Marcus Group, but as always, opinions are my own.

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