Coffee Break!

Coffee Break! on Belle Belle Beauty

You’ve probably noticed a little bit of sparseness around here at Belle Belle if you are a regular reader. Sorry about that and rest assured it isn’t a permanent thing. I mentioned some big professional changes at the beginning of September and this week happens to be a big one with the new gig. So I am going to do something I’ve never done and step away from the blog until next week. But I will be around on twitter, facebook and instagram so swing by there and say hi!

Also, isn’t it funny I used to never drink coffee but now I am absolutely addicted to two cups in the AM? I am looking to invest in some cute cups to keep at the office. And I love these! And of course the mani.

Until next week! xo

Some other favorite coffee items:

image here

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  1. Maree Sye wrote:

    I’ll be here waiting!!! Hope everything is going well at the new gig!! xo

    Published 10.21.14