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Fall Style on Belle Belle Beauty

Fringe! Buns! Booties! Plaid! It can’t get here soon enough. While some of my friends are savoring these 90-degree days, I simply cannot wait for fall. I try to eek out a couple more days of bare legs, bright skirts and cotton knits just to be a good sport. But layering weather will be quite welcome here at Belle Belle headquarters. As far as makeup, I am loving a little more coverage, especially a new powder foundation from NARS and this cult classic I dug out from the archives.

A couple finds from around the web:

As someone who has lived in enormously expensive and super affordable cities both, this was fascinating!

So enthralled by this relationship advice – wish I had seen it eight months ago!

I defaults to balm over lipstick so this thrills me.

Another product I never knew I needed. Thanks, Lara :)!

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  1. i don’t know how i missed this link love – thank you, lindsay! xo

    Published 9.26.14