Winks by Georgie Beauty Ultimate Eyelash Curler

Winks by Georgie Beauty Ultimate Eyelash Curler on Belle Belle Beauty

As you probably can imagine, I am always trying out 2-3 versions of each type of makeup. Three eyeliners, two foundations, three blushes, etc… But one item I tend to stay loyal to is an eyelash curler. Keep in mind, this is one of my “must have” products. I love the way it can open your face and eyes in just one step.

It all started with a long relationship with Revlon. Then I had a love affair with the classic Shiseido. I went luxe for several years with CHANEL. But sadly that ended with a worn out tool. Might I add, it was a beautiful relationship and worth every penny.

Just in the nick of time, Winks by Georgie Beauty Ultimate Eyelash Curler landed on my doorstep. The key to these long term relationships is the curve of the implement. And this one is just right for my large and deep-set almond-shaped eyes. What makes Winks by Georgie Beauty Ultimate Eyelash Curler really special is the USDA-certified organic blue chamomile plush pad (note: each curler also comes with two replacement pads).

These pads have a super-cushiony feel and are gentle on lashes. The chamomile conditions the tiny hairs, keeping lashes long and healthy. The curling action doesn’t crimp, but imparts a long lasting swooping curl.

No wonder Winks by Georgie came up with such a revolutionary curler. Their faux lash collection hit shelves in 2010 with much deserved fanfare. They are the only strip lashes that I can apply and still look natural. Bonus: they are reusable and come with a botanically infused adhesive.

Right now, Neiman Marcus is holding their Beauty Tools Event. Receive limited-time gifts when you shop our best tools of the trade online! The curler is currently on back order but certainly worth the wait with an expected ship date of 8/1.

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Samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program, but as always, opinions are my own.

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