Eight & Bob Eau De Toilette Spray

Eight & Bob Eau De Toilette Spray on Belle Belle Beauty

Thought I’d bring back the luxury series and what better day than a Saturday, right? This week’s edition not only brings you a unique, tempting fragrance but a great story behind it.

As a student in the 1930s, John F. Kennedy traveled to Europe and met Parisian aristocrat Albert Fouquet in Southern France. Not only was JFK charmed by the man, but he loved the fragrance he wore. This hand-crafted scent had a formula only known by Albert and his butler.

JFK was so smitten that when he returned to the US, he got in touch with Albert and asked for eight samples of the fragrance. And with a quirky addition of: “and if your production allows, another one for Bob”. And there you have the name “Eight & Bob“. This has to be one of my most favorite stories of beauty history.

The fragrance became wildly popular even among the Hollywood elite. But sadly, before WWII Albert was killed in a car crash. The formula was guarded by his butler through WWII by concealing bottles inside books he cut by hand. And the fragrance fell off the radar as it wasn’t available even in its limited quantities.

Eight & Bob Eau De Toilette Spray Packaged on Belle Belle Beauty

Well, all that has changed. Now resurrected, Eight & Bob is available at Neiman Marcus. This bright cologne is based on the original formula including the rare “Andrea” plant extract from the Andes. And get this… it is packaged in a cutaway book just as Fouquet’s butler has stored the treasured scent all those years ago.

While the notes are a closely-guarded secret, I can attest that this effervescent fragrance is great for men and women. I find more spice than floral and it isn’t overly green. The scent is also offered in an aftershave, candle and deodorant.

Samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program, but as always, opinions are my own.

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