Library of Flowers The Forest Parfum Crema and Coco Butter Handcreme

Library of Flowers The Forest Parfum Crema and  Coco Butter Handcreme on Belle Belle Beauty

I first spotted Library of Flowers at Neiman Marcus and was immediately blown away by the beautiful packaging. Somehow it managed to be elegant, beautiful and playful all at the same time. I then learned the unique mission of this indie brand – to create memorable journeys through sight and scent. Perfume Author Margot Elena crafts Eau de Parfum, Parfum Crema, Coco Butter Handcreme, Bubble Bath, Perfumed Soap and Bath Oil that all remind me of particular aspects of nature.

One of the most compelling and unique products is the Parfum Crema designed to be used in place of traditional fragrance. The triple-scented rich cream is completely a fragrance alternative designed to be worn alone. Or you can wear it with Coco Butter Handcreme for a more intense, full-body effect.

While I haven’t tried out many of their scents (that each belong to one of three “chapters”) I have been diving into The Forest with notes (or as Margot calls them “characters”):

  • Top: Oak Bark
  • Middle: Arctic Moss
  • Bottom: White Sage

While The Forest does not have my adored amber note, the deep, spicy woodiness is a welcome departure from my usual favorites. And the hydrating deliver approach is curing my sad winter skin. This handcream will have a permanent spot in my purse. Mostly because I love the scent but the ooohs and ahhhs when I pull out the beautiful packaging doesn’t hurt either!

Other scents include Field & Flowers Honeycomb, Linden, True Vanilla, Forget Me Not, Willow & Water, Wildflower & Fern, Arboretum, Kirimashi Air, Moon Shadow and Root.

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Samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program, but as always, opinions are my own.

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