Nutrisystem Week 27

Nutrisystem Week 27 // Belle Belle Beauty

This week, I lost 0.2 pounds for a total weight loss of 34.2 pounds. But the real victory here was on the running trails. Ten years ago, fresh out of college, I ran quite a bit. I was never a speed demon, but I could pound out four miles in 36 minutes. Not too shabby. After gaining weight, breaking my foot, etc. etc. (excuses, excuses)… the running shoes were retired. Well, I broke those puppies out a couple weeks ago and couldn’t believe I ran for 30 minutes straight without stopping. Granted, it was a snails pace. But I kept at it. And after three runs this week, I have official carved off a minute and a half of my mile time. I know find myself craving the headphones and a run along the river. Feels good to be back!

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  1. Liza Perry wrote:

    My coworker (Laurie Leopold) sent me to your blog because I’m thinking about doing Nutrisystem. I’m really bad at preparing meals so this seems like a great idea. But I’m afraid of how the meals will taste! Do you find them to taste pretty good?

    Published 6.3.13
    • Lindsay wrote:

      Hi Liza! I have been seriously impressed with how great the food tastes. The program I am on, I get both pantry and frozen food. While it all is great, the frozen is particularly delicious. After the first couple of months, I also found my “go to” foods that I crave. I love the chips, peppermint patty, mushroom risotto and frozen chicken breasts. Please keep me posted. And if you want to chat via email you can reach me at [email protected]. Can’t wait to hear if you try it!

      Published 6.3.13