Lustful Luxury Friday: The Golden Ticket

Lustful Luxury Friday- The Golden Ticket

The ultimate in luxurious summer style, check out these Linda Farrow Luxe 24 Karat Gold Sunglasses. These aviator sunglasses have contrast enamel trim along a 24K gold-plated metal frame. The gold-tone mirrored lenses compliment the luxe textures. Naturally, display case, rolled pouch, and cleaning cloth included. $1040 at

And to match… the Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Face Cream fueled by nano particles of gold bound with silk microfibers. The gold is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. The rich cream rejuvenates skin with Rosemary Leaf Extract and Vitamin C while the Geranium and Rose add the most elegant of fragrances. $420 at Net-a-Porter.

Now, that’s what I call a “gold standard” lineup.

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