Nutrisystem Week 13

Nutrisystem Week 13 // Belle Belle Beauty

A couple reasons to celebrate today. First, this week, I lost 1.4 pounds for a total weight loss of 23.0 pounds. With a little extra effort on drinking water, I was able to break through after a bit of a slower week. While I never hated drinking water, I never fully embraced how important it was. I think my skin has improved. Workouts seem easier. And my metabolism clearly moves faster. A popular trick that I had never tried is adding a little lemon in the morning to my water. It changes things up a bit and can clear skin, boost your imune system and aid digestion.

Secondly, you might have noticed there wasn’t a post yesterday on the blog. That was because Belle Belle moved to a new hosting company. My old hosting provider just couldn’t handle the traffic. Now, that’s a problem I’ll take any day! Thanks, dear readers, for helping me take Belle Belle to the next level.

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