Finding Your Fragrance

Finding Your Fragrance // Belle Belle Beauty

This morning, I’ll be making my fourth appearance on Great Day Green Country on Fox 23 to talk beauty. Today’s segment will feature four fragrances that run the gamut from floral to green to classic to spicy. There are so many options out there, it can be overwhelming.

To help narrow it down, I look at each fragrance as a sort of personality type. Individuals don’t always fall into one category or like just one “type” of fragrance. I am on the Bohemian side, but I love all four of these fragrances and wear them regularly. But it can help narrow down your focus and get the search started. So, check out this quiz and your answers can give you an idea of where to start your fragrance journey.

1. Your favorite manicure is:

a) Baby pink
b) Clear or no polish
c) A rich jewel tone like emerald or dark purple
d) Bold Red

2. When it comes to your hair, you prefer:

a) Straight and classic
b) A practical pony tail
c) Bohemian, beachy waves
d) In a chignon or French twist

3. What is your favorite accessory?

a) Gold hoops or diamond studs
b) Nature-inspired jewelry or a handmade bag
c) Beaded necklaces, pendants or hobo bag
d) Elegant evening clutch with statement jewelry

4. How do you want your fragrance to make you feel?

a) Classic and refined
b) Energized and refreshed
c) Earthy and feminine
d) Sexy and sophisticated

5. Your ideal after-work way to wind down is:

a) Having dinner out
b) A walk or game of tennis
c) Checking out a gallery opening
d) Being pampered with a pedicure or massage

6. Your favorite beauty look is:

a) The matte face with nude lips and a bold brow
b) The no-makeup makeup look
c) Lined eyes with long lashes and sheer lipgloss
d) The perfect red lip

7. Your “happy place” is:

a) Sailing off the coast of the Bahamas
b) Hiking in the Costa Rican jungle
c) Being on a deserted beach in the South Pacific
d) On a grand European adventure

If you answered:

MOSTLY A’s, try Burberry Body. The base notes of vanilla and cedar give a sophisticated floral scent roundness and you’d love the classic Burberry interpretation of fragrance.

MOSTLY B’s, try Nest Passiflora. The green and clean scent is unique and fresh. Plus, the nature lover in you will be drawn to the beautiful bottle inspired by 18th century botanical art.

MOSTLY C’s, try Nicole, Nicole Richie’s first fragrance. Like Nicole, the fragrance is sensual and bohemian. The free-spirited side of you will love the art deco inspired bottle.

MOSTLY D’s, try Bulgari Jasmine. Your cosmopolitan sensibilities will be drawn to elegant amber and sandalwood. The vintage container has the glamour you love.

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