Nutrisystem Week 5

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I survived the holidays on Nutrisystem! Actually, it was pretty easy. I did allow myself some cheats on Christmas Day but otherwise was healthy through and through. My savior has been my love for fresh seafood. Shrimp cocktail, oysters and grilled fish are festive and still incredibly healthy. And with my lack of a sweet tooth, dodging those cookies wasn’t hard. The celebritory glass of champagne wasn’t the same story. But…. amazingly, a glass of the bubbly is only 90 calories so I cheered away with minmal guilt.

But next up is a real challenge. This weekend I will be in San Francisco for the wedding of a close friend. And then it is onto temptation city in Napa to see friends. Wedding cake, wine, and rehearsal dinner indulgences will all be a challenge to navigate. On the bright side, this part of the country is literally the best place for fresh fruits and veggies (even in the winter). So I hope to fill up on the “good stuff” and avoid cheeses and breads. I also have a stash of Nutrisystem bars to help me out. Wish me luck!

I lost 1.4 pounds this week bringing the total to a 11.8 pounds. Not too shabby for smack in the middle of Christmas.

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