Nest Passiflora Eau De Parfum

Nest Passiflora Eau De Parfum on Belle Belle Beauty

You guys might already know that NEST Fragrances is my preferred home fragrance brand. I currently have their holiday candle burning away. So, I was on the edge of my seat to try their first foray into personal scent. If it goes half as well as their personal care collection, it is a winner.

I’ve been (happily) testing the Passiflora version for the past couple of days. My first reaction was: “how unusual! It is unlike anything I have ever worn.” On me, the lush green notes dominate. It is a fresh, clean, organic kind of smell. There are notes of passion flower, water hyacinth and lily of the valley that peek through.

The second reaction was to the stunning bottle. But, NEST Fragrances has always been a packaging master. The artwork is inspired by 18th Century artist Mrs. Delany. And the artwork even inspired the scent: the company worked with master perfumers to compose complex and exquisite fine fragrances that best represent Mrs. Delany’s unique and meticulous artwork. And the matte black bottle looks so sleek, it deserves to be displayed.

It could be said that this is more of a spring scent, but it is on the heavier side. And I think the green notes work great with holiday cheer. Now I’m dying to try Midnight Fleur now because we all know I am an amber freak! Hear that, Santa?

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