Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica

Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Belle Belle Beauty

Being the customer service superstars that they are, Kiehl’s listened to their clientele and recently released a lighter weight version of my beloved Rosa Arctica. Eighteen months after trying the original version, I am sold on the straight forward, nature-proven collection for (now) any skin type. So… onto the details.

Here is the bad news… As we age, we have:

  • Decreased Cell Energy: slower cell turnover can lead to oxidative stress and skin aging
  • Decreased Barrier Function and Integrity: the outer layer of skin weakens as we age, compromising functionality of the skin
  • Increased Dryness: skin barrier doesn’t function as well when we age

And here is the good news: Rosa Arctica formulas feature the rare “Resurrection Flower” – a regenerating flower that can survive up to 31 months of dehydration and return to life when moisture returns. These “resurrection plants” have a protection system that makes it possible for the plant to survive the drying out process still maintaining its cell structure. This translates on your skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and adding firmness through a protective and vitality-stimulating effect. In addition to this super plant, Rosa Arctica contains Vitamin E, Glycerin (this isn’t a bad word – it’s great for more supple skin!), Adenosine (helps with lines) and White Birch (retains moisture).

Both versions of Rosa Arctica address all three of the above concerns. The Lightweight version does it without the heaviness. The consistency almost feels like a gel. In addition to those with oilier skin, this new formula is great for those who live in warmer climates or for warmer months. The cream has a slight fragrance – to my nose, it is a pleasant spa-like marine with very little floral. The Rosa Arctica Eye is a balm – love that consistency for the eye area. You warm it with your finger in the pot and gently tap on the orbital bone.

I’ve been using both the Rosa Arctica Eye and Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream day and night for a couple of weeks. My skin seems plumper and more even. Even with my dry skin, I find plenty of hydration with the lighter formula. Kudos, Kiehl’s!

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