Drugstore Favorites for the Fall

I’ve been trolling the beauty section of my local drug store and want to report on some of my current favorites. I’m keeping in mind the fall trends and drier air. Not to mention the big holiday parties we have coming up. Not included in the round up was the obligatory candy corn I stocked up on yesterday. Why is that stuff so good?

CoverGirl & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation: I’ve been really impressed with this foundation. It has medium coverage with a matte finish, without requiring a ton of product. I love the addition of skin care, so you are working to improve the appearance of your skin. It plays especially well with my drier skin.

Visine Maximum Redness Relief Eye Drops: At first I was skeptical of this red carpet staple. But I am so glad I picked some up at the store. I used it recently before a big event and my eyes were clear and bright. I needed less eye makeup and I appeared more awake. I probably wouldn’t use this in my daily rotation, but I now consider this a “must have” for big nights out.

Olay Age Defying Instant Hydration Serum: Olay is definitely a forerunner in the skin care game along side so many luxury contenders. This hydrating primer would be a perfect moisturizer for someone with oilier skin. I use it as a primer – it has very similar consistancy to Smashbox Hydrating Primer. And I keep it at my desk to treat dry spots throughout the day.

Bio-Oil Scar Treatment: While marketed as a scar treatment, Bio-Oil also makes for a great body oil. While I do use this on some older scars, hoping to see some improvement, I’ve found it makes for a great moisturizer post shower. It has a baby powder scent with a smooth, non-greasy finish.

Essie Miss Fancy Pants: Essie did it again with their fall collection. While the bolder colors are also fabulous, I love this grey taupe for an understated elegance. If you want something more festive, try Stylenomics.

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  1. danielle wrote:

    always get my essie at cvs. my fall find though was actually a revlon glittery emerald green called “rain forest”. just finished getting my paint on. 🙂

    Published 10.12.12
    • Lindsay wrote:

      oh wow! is that gorgeous!

      Published 10.15.12
  2. Glam Slam! wrote:

    Great picks! Contrary to popular belief I’ve found that if you do your homework, you can find such great stuff! My favorite part? The fact that you included the fall essential, candy corn, in the “shop the post” part! Awesomeness! 🙂

    xoxo, Stephanie 🙂

    Published 10.19.12