Bliss ‘Firm, Baby, Firm’ Dual-Action Lifting & Volumizing Serum

I am a huge fan of Bliss anything and everything, but I mostly have focused on their body care products. I haven’t had much experience with their skin care offerings other than Bliss That’s Incredi-Peel! – a super charged glycolic acid treatment. Over the past couple weeks, I have been using Bliss Firm, Baby, Firm, a dual action serum that feels so darn good to use.

This facial serum helps boots collagen and elasticity for immediate AND long term effects. The dual action helps voluminize hollow areas, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while also lifting – usually serums do one or the other making this a unique product. Powerful active ingredients like gardenia stem cells, cell-targeting X50 peptides and phyto-retinoids fuel the serum. These stem cells derived from fruit and plants are strong, but seem to play nicer with my sensitive skin.

The best part for me is the instant gratification of pleasant and nourishing lavender scented formula (from Bulgarian lavender oil). The creamy, aloe base adds moisture and instant smoothness. And a patented irritation-reducing technology gives the anti-aging ingredients I need without red flaky skin.

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  1. J. wrote:

    I’ve been curious about this serum for a while now, being a huge Bliss fan, but haven’t actually gotten around to getting it. So this definitely helps me make the decision to get it finally!

    Published 12.5.12