Protect & Serve Sun Shield SPF 40 from mybody

myBODY is a new skin care line founded by a makeup artist, the founder of Philosophy and an experienced retail maven. Their pedigree is balanced with a heavy focus on technology, and the scientific focus shines through in their products. The highlight for me is the mySKINTYPE page where you can rank and rate your skin care concerns. myBODY will recommend a kit and additional products just for you.

The product line up features treatments like Calm After the Storm contains innovative skin-calming complex to calm hypersensitive skin, especially after procedures. myHero features ground-breaking anti-aging technologies in one anti-aging product, including exclusive growth factor complex proven to stimulate IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1). Neck-cessity firms, tightens and brightens the neck area, often overlooked.

One product has already made it into my rotation: their top-selling PROTECT & SERVE Sun Shield, which is actually designed to be used by every skin type. My sensitive skin loved the formula and at the same time. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, physically UVA/UVB blockers, tend to play nicer with more sensitive skin than chemical sunscreens, but can sometimes cast a whitish undertone. But both version of Protect and Serve are ultra-light, silky and radiant. The formula is enhanced antioxidants and vitamins, allowing both to work as radiant primers. The tinted version has a silicone base, making a smooth canvas for makeup application.

These products are available at dermotologist offices. You can find your nearest physician here.

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