Dr. Jart’s Beauty Sleep Masks

I know that most of you will agree with me – we all just look better when we are well-rested. A study published in the British Medical Journal demonstrated that people who had a full night of sleep (8 hours or more) versus sleep-deprived individuals (31 hours of wakefulness after a night of reduced sleep) were rated in blinded evaluations as healthier, more attractive and less tired. We probably didn’t need a study to tell us that – but there it is.

The science behind sleep and beauty is where it gets interesting. According to Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, a specialist in dermatology and laser surgery in New York City, growth hormones are released while sleeping, which could help production of skin cells and collagen. Your skin is actually repaired while you sleep. In conjunction, your skin absorbs product to a greater degree while you sleep. So why not supercharge your nighttime routine?

Dr. Jart came up with some specifically formulated masks for bedtime. I love that you can simply apply them and let them work. No waiting, rinsing, timing. I’ve been using both of these masks – one for hydration on my forehead and cheeks and the one for firming on my neck around my mouth and eyes.

Dr. Jart Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask has a gel-like formula that provides moisture continuously during sleep.  It provides a kind of barrier while Hyaluronic acid sends moisture deep into your skin. Olive leaf and cranberry strengthen the skin barrier to boost elasticity. And essential oils provide a relaxing scent. It makes for a perfect “wind down” routine right before sleep.

Dr. Jart Premium Firming Sleeping Mask revitalizes skin with Niacinamide and kava. Korean medicinal herbs help expel toxins and stimulate cell turnover. The Firming mask also contains Hyaluronic acid to infuse moisture.

I’ve definitely noticed a diference after using these masks. My skin looks more radiant and rested. The consistency is lightweight and comfortable. And using these ingredients over the long term should just continue to improve results. I love my new bedtime ritual.

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