Omorovicza The Gold Body Set

Want to whip your skin into summer shape in the most luxurious way? Look no further than the Omorovicza The Gold Body Set. I’d like to say this would make a great present, but I couldn’t possibly part with it and kept it all for myself. I mean, the products contain GOLD! All three products are amazing used in conjunction, but you can also get them a la carte.

First: Gold Sugar Scrub. This is a very granulated scrub that does a great job getting my skin beach ready. It doesn’t irritate but it is an active, physical exfoliator with fair trade golden cane sugar. I love the gentle, spa-like scent – same for all three products. I never knew that gold was an anti-inflammatory and can repair sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. The scrub also softens the skin with oils and Capsicum peptide, made from peppers, promotes a healthy glow.

Second: Body Cream. Incredibly rich, this cream really softens skin. My skin looks healthier than it ever has before. Maybe because I can’t stop using this stuff? It also can tighten and revitalize skin. Plum almond oil, Rice germ oil and Jojoba oil moisturize and soothe.

Third: Gold Shimmer Oil. My favorite among the collection, this luminous oil really nourishes my skin. I used to use it in the shower and then decided I didn’t want to waste one bit. I now put it on over the Body Cream and it is almost like it seals in the moisture. Calendula oil helps heal and repair the skin. Anti-oxidants act as a defense as you head out into the world. If you don’t want to indulge in the whole set, I urge you to pick up this oil. The gold shimmer is stunning, especially with a summer glow. The flecks are visible but it looks tastefully “blinged out”.

A little more about Omorovicza: In 2006, Margaret and Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza began using this ancient healing resource in their skin care system. Their products harness the curitive properties that have been found in Hungary’s thermal baths for 2,000 years. And their packaging is elegant and harkens a glamourous age. Some of my other favorite Omorovicza products:

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