GlamGlow Mud Mask

I’m fascinated with celebrities’ glowing, even skin on the red carpets. I know, largely, this can be attributed to their makeup artists. But there is a tool that I have discovered that definitely can play a big part in prepping. In fact, GlamGlow was designed as a ‘facial in a jar’ to achieve an ‘immediate’ camera-ready glowing skin. And it is a “must have” for those big event evenings, even if you aren’t a Hollywood A-lister.

GlamGlow is made from mud from Southern France and contains pieces of tea leaf to help exfoliate and deliver antioxidants. It tightens skin and minimizing pores but without drying. My skin actually feels smoother and softer – a great prep for camera-ready makeup. The exfoliation doesn’t offend my easily irritated skin

I use mine in the tub, max twice weekly. I personally save mine for specially occasions. Apply an even thin layer to clean skin. It drastically changes color as it dries, letting you know when it is ready to rinse off. Remove mask with water in circular motions to exfoliate.

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