benefit Sun Beam

I have a sweet nostalgia for benefit Cosmetics. While living in San Francisco, I was around the corner of benefit boutique. Loads of Saturdays were spent browsing their retro goodies and the store on Chestnut was the home of many brow waxes. The roots of this company are solidly in the Bay Area. In 1976, twins Jean and Jane opened a makeup boutique and benefit was born.

One of their signature items is high beam, an illuminator housed in a nail polish like bottle. It is a satiny, pink that I love using on cupid’s bow, under eyebrows and down the bridge of my nose. This stuff has honestly been in my makeup cabinet for 10 years running. So, I had to try its new sister product that recently launched.

Sun beam is the same concept but with a bronzy golden shade. Since I am such a fan of the dewy and glowy look, this is perfect for on the cheekbones, blended up to the forehead. It is the safe sun in a little bottle.

If you have a fan brush, this can also be worked on the décolletage and blended out on the face.

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