Stages of Beauty Skincare

There is an overwhelming amount of skincare lines out there. Within a single skin care line are collections and products to treat different issues. So putting together something that is really catered to your skin can be sometimes challenging. Enter Stages of Beauty. Their products are not tested on animals and made with natural ingredients – one less thing to think about when considering a skin care purchase.

They have four lines that a specifically designed for woman based on their age:

  • The RADIANCE line (for women in their 20s) focuses on preventative care, repairing and protecting skin against environmental damage and free radicals.
  • The HARMONY line (for women in their 30s) focuses on promoting the skin’s natural ability to exfoliate and regenerate new skin cells while supporting collagen and elastin.
  • The ELEGANCE line (for women in their 40s) focuses on regaining the skin’s elasticity, firmness, and tone and calming sensitivity.
  • The GRACE line (for women in their 50s) focuses on hydration, moisture barrier repair, restoring the skin’s surface immunity, and balancing the effect of hormones on the skin

Each product line includes:

  • Cleanser
  • Scrub
  • Serum
  • Toner
  • Treatment Cream
  • Anti-Aging Supplement

I was able to try the cleanser, the scrub and the treatment cream. While I appreciate the effort to leave products fragrance-free, the cleanser and scrub could have used a little help in the smell department. If you aren’t sensitive to a “hospital-like” scent, the cleanser is creamy and does a great job removing makeup. The scrub is great for periodic exfoliation – I would just caution those with sensitive skin to go easy with the granules. The real winner what the treatment cream. I loved that it pumped out of the dispenser like a lotion, but behaved like a cream. My dry skin got plenty of hydration. It stimulates the production of collegan and elastin. Algee, peptides, monk’s berry, prickly pear are all part of the package.

If this piques your interest, click here for a free sample offer at the bottom of the page.

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