Nicole by OPI’s Kardashian Kolor

I can take or leave the Kardashians. I fully admit to watching some of their shows. And defending their savvy business sensibilities, but I think they are a bit over-saturated at this point. Irregardless, I love the new nail polish collection that just happens to feature their name. This is a set of seven new colors in addition to the colors launched last year. The formula is fantastically creamy, with complete coverage in two coats. And I find it lasts a full week.

Most of the colors are very bold, but I wouldn’t expect anything less. I really think they all are wearable but my favorites are “Our Fuchsia’s Looking Bright” (below), “Ladies in the Limelight” (great on tanned toes) and “Paparazzi Don’t Preach” (a creamy, opaque nude). So put aside your misgivings and take advantage of these vibrant spring colors!

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  1. Yes the Paparazzi don’t preach one looks good! 🙂 I kind of love the Kardashians because i think it’s marketing genius but I agree that they do pop up a little to often these days…

    Published 3.8.12