Tammy Fender

Over the holidays, I had the pleasure of using some of my favorite products from Tammy Fender. I was eager to say the least – I recently visited her skin care center and was blown away about her approach to skin care.  Not to mention, the amazing facial coupled with holistic healing treatments.

While Tammy Fender is adored by Hollywood celebrities and has been featured in magazines like Vogue, her skin care flies slightly under the radar. It is almost part of the allure. Every product and skin care center experience has an authentic and sincere feel. The products and treatments are crafted with care, packaged in glass containers. And each works to benefit each individual on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

My take-home skin care regime started with the Purifying Cleansing Gel, containing Spearmint & Alfalfa. This gel does not foam and is very gentle. Sometimes I needed an extra step to get off a full face of makeup. But this cleanser wasn’t about just a clean face – the herbs balanced my skin, drastically reduced redness and lifted my mood with the lively scent.

Alfafa was a new ingredient for me – I’ll be keeping an eye out for it in the future. The high chlorophyll content and minerals promote balanced absorption and healing. Mint has always been a favorite for detoxifying and reducing redness – plus I love the scent can put a pep in my step.

Next up is the Capillary Strengthening Blend. While this is technically a “treatment”, it often fulfilled my moisturizing needs as well.  No wonder since it has Jojoba and Borage Oil. In my early thirties, I have noticed more redness around my nose. While I have confirmed it isn’t technically rosacea, I do have that nagging inflammation. So I am right in the market for something that can protect my capillaries. This treatments repairs delicate tissue with chamomile, neroli, rose and carrot seed. And bonus – it helps regeneration of healthy new skin cells.

I admit, my last product, Antioxidant Creme Neroli & Orange, was on my list solely because of its amazing scent. But after a couple weeks, I discovered it is equally lovely because of the supple skin it fosters. It has collagen-stimulating benefits and the Neroli helps heal scar tissue and reduces puffiness. Sweet Orange is one of my all time favorite scents. Its vitamin C encourages collagen production and can clear blemishes.

Overall, I am impressed with the holistic and original approach of the line. The skin care institute is a “must” for anyone in the Palm Beach area and worthy of a field trip for those who need an excuse to visit sunny, South Florida.


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