Purusa Dream Extract

Let’s face it – sleep is an integral part of anyone’s beauty regimen. There is quite a difference between the face I put forward the days after a restful and a restless night’s sleep. So, I am game to try anything that will lull me into a a good solid, dream-filled sleep. One thing that has improved my quality of sleep is putting in place a routine that I follow every night before I hit the hay. And Purusa Dream Extract has been a welcome addition to the lineup. The Purusa Dream Extract contains Australian sandalwood, organic French Clary sage and Italian Bergamot – a minimal, tasteful scent made with essential oils. A little spray on the pillows gives a clean, relaxing feel that puts me in a restful mind frame.

Purusa Dream Extract is available at fine boutiques and online at www.sebastiansigns.com.


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  1. Brooke wrote:

    I need to try this… I’m at the point where I’ll try ANYthing short of knocking myself out lol

    Published 1.25.12