Dior ‘Smoothing Lacquer’ Lip Polish in Radiance Expert Beige 001

My favorite holiday look is a bold eye with an easy, nude lip. The lip is not at all fussy, with just a swipe of Dior Addict Lip Polish. Not to mention, I watched Friends with Benefits this weekend and am now obsessed with Mila Kunis and her perfect hair and makeup.

Lip Polish is slightly thicker and stickier than other glosses I love, but it has great staying power and even application. Even though it is sheer, it gives my lip a uniform and polished appearance.

The formula is supposed to emulate pro makeup technique of rolling a cotton swab along models’ lips to gently exfoliate; then they applying petroleum jelly to prime the surface and multiply the shine of the gloss topcoat. I’m not sure I notice the “revolutionary and exclusive spin-on applicator” but I do see a uniform application with the perfect amount of product.

The gloss comes in three shades: Fresh Expert, Glow Expert and Radiance Expert. I prefer the Radiance Expert because of the neutral, beige undertone.

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