Dior Beauty Three-Color Smoky Eye Shadow in Smoky Violet (Spring)

Dior has managed to create an easy-to-open palette with an intelligent and sturdy mirror that pops up when you slide the palatte open. And this “ready-to-wear” palette in Smoky Violet from their Spring collection is all you need to achieve a smoky eye (or neutral violet) look.  It certainly isn’t the only fool-proof palette out there, but the construction and base color make this one stand out.

I’ve found myself reaching for Smoky Violet just to take advantage of the creamy, powder base. The very slightly pink shade brightens my eyes immediately and is so easy to use just using a finger. The second shade (top left) is a very sheer and equally blendable eggplant. Using these two together is perfect for those who don’t want a dramatic look. The third shade (top right) is deeper and with serious shimmer. At first, I didn’t think I would ever use this shade, but over the holidays the bit of drama and sparkle was a welcome addition.

Lastly, violet does loads of favors to my hazel eyes.  I love using purples to make the green in there really pop. The added benefit is this palm-sized palette is a breeze to travel with and all you could ever need for a casual vacation.


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  1. I haven’t seen those yet but I like their creamy base so I’m going to start looking for this!

    Published 12.27.11