Yves Saint Laurent Eye Brighten Trick

As we enter the swinging holiday season, I am prepping for late nights finishing up work before vacation (okay, and maybe some holiday festivities and cocktails).  Sadly, this leaves me with puffy, tired looking eyes.  So I know my new found trick is going to be put to good use in the next couple of months.

I already had the requisite pen of Touche Eclat on my vanity (every makeup junkie does).  But it is even better mixed with a pea size amount of Yves Saint Laurent Temps Majeur Eye.  Temps Majeur Eye has luminescence, so it does double duty as part of my makeup routine.  On its own, it brightens the eye (while battling dark circles, puffiness and fine lines).   With the highlighting power of Touche Eclat, your get that extra radiance.   I like to also add a swipe of Touche Eclat down my nose and right under my brows.   I have fair to medium skin and use No. 2 Luminous Ivory.   Well rested, festive look all in all!


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  1. hallie wrote:

    who needs sleep when i can have YSL makeup products? #bloggerproblems

    Published 11.2.11