Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil and Lip Balm

I finally got my little paws on some Rodin Olio Lusso goodies.  I have been lusting after this creation since this summer.  Rodin Olio Lusso was created by Linda Rodin, a former fashion editor at Harper’s Bazzar and NYC stylist.  Rodin had access to all the greatest skin care lines in the world, but ached for something simpler.  So she developed her first oil in 2007 in her own kitchen.  Other products followed, all based on the original building blocks of essential oils.  This regal beauty knows her stuff and her emphasis on simple and natural is right up my alley.

I started with her staple – the Olio Lusso Face Oil.  My skin is dry and sensitive, so I have no qualms about smearing oil all over my face.  But this might not be right for those with an acne-prone complexion.  I do get the occasional break out, but using this for a couple weeks did not result in any blemishes at all.  In fact, my skin looked clearer.   The oil is a (very) aromatic blend of eleven essential oils from flowers and other botanicals. I’d categorize the smell as a very strong floral (perhaps gardenia?).  My generally angry and sensitive skin was soothed, and in the morning, I had a glow.  It was the only moisturizer I used in the evenings, and after two weeks, my skin looks more hydrated than ever before.

But I couldn’t just stop there.  Since I consider myself somewhat of a lip balm junkie, I had to try the Rodin Olio Lusso Lip Balm.  It is advertised as having the same floral scent as the oil, but I can’t smell a fragrance.  What I did find is a sheer, natural lip balm that just plain worked.  The formula is not greasy at all. And I adore the chic lucite square compact. I do have a serious case of the “dropsees” and the case even survived hitting my travertine bathroom floor multiple times.  Mom is somewhat of a lip balm  junkie too – it will be a miracle if I make it back from Thanksgiving with this.  I just know she’ll snag it 🙂

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  1. meg wrote:

    I have been wanting the face oil for the past few months, and now I just may treat myself because of your recommendation.

    Published 11.21.11
    • Lindsay wrote:

      It is a fabulous indulgence!

      Published 11.21.11