Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy’ Glossy Lip Balm

When I first saw, these I thought “What is the point?”.  They are ultra-sheer and nothing like a lipstick.  But that’s what is so wonderful about them.  Ever since I bought “Dewy Papaya” it has been my constant companion. 

This is the ultimate “lip balm” with very little color, but great hydration. I use it far more often than the eight-hours of promised hydration, but that might be because it smells so darn good.  They say it is mango, but I think it is more grapefruit.  Launched as part of the summer collection, the Sheer Candys are even better for fall and winter.  Wear them during to day to cure “season-change” dryness so your pout will be ready for the rich berry hue that night or the next day!

Bottom line, you probably are paying loads for the packaging but it is a stunner!  I love all the colors and even know a couple of fellow bloggers who have them all.

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