Avon Eyeliners

Watching a makeup tutorial the other day, I was blown away by the Avon eyeliners, particularly for application right in the lash line.  I had to try them out for myself.  I test-drove the MVPs of their extensive liner lineup – Extra Lasting liner and glimmersticks.

Extra Lasting is a classic liquid liner.  For the full inky line, it requires two swipes.  But I actually find this preferable.  You are able to correct and customize the line.  After a minute or two of drying time, this liner is NOT budging.  You absolutely get the promised 12 hours of wear. In fact, this rivals the staying-power of any liner I’ve tried, no matter the price point.  It took quite the scrubbing with eye makeup remover to get this swatch off my hand.  Extra Lasting liquid liner is $9.

Glimmersticks are a retractable, self-sharpening pencils.  They don’t have the staying power of the liquid liner, but are pretty impresive for a pencil.  These are perfect for a smudged eye line and dramatic lashes.  These are now on sale for $2.99 – perfect excuse to pick up all five colors.

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