Priti NYC Soy Polish Remover Wipes

Selecting the MVP of my gift bag from #LuckyFABB was a no-brainer.  Upon returning home, my manicure was in less than stellar shape.  I went for the polish remover and not a single drop was left. This is a big problem, folks. 

I dug through my stash and found two Nail Polish Remover wipes.  They were actually a delight to use.  I know – you must think I am crazy.  There is nothing delightful about this task. It smells bad, it is frustrating, it is messy, it smells bad (it was worth mentioning twice).   But these guys had no scent.  They were champs at getting off glitter polish and Nail Polish Appliqués.

While the solution was somewhat oily, it actually hydrated my cuticles rather than drying them out.  I could get all the polish on both hands off with just one wipe.  These will definitely be in my travel kit from here on out!

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