mark Cheat Sheet Shine-Blotters

I am still a little giddy from meeting the incredibly beautiful and down-to-earth Ashley Green at the Ted Gibson/mark FNO party last week.  Nestled in the Ted Gibson salon and sipping on Moet champagne, I had the chance to bond with the Twilight star over college football and the dry skin hazzards of always being on an airplane.

Almost as exciting was discovering mark Cheat Sheet Shine-Blotters.  I don’t have oily skin, so these sheets were never on my shopping list.  But NYC was a doozy last week, with humidity, rain, heat and sweat. In between events, I would whip out one of these guys in the cab.  They do not remove makeup, but restore a matte finish to the skin.  They provided life to a melting makeup look.  Thanks to their performance, they earned a spot in my purse on a permanent basis. 

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